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Square neck, raised-nut lap slide with two
P-90s. Bigsby palm pedals for bending the
G and B strings to pre-set intervals. Pedal steel sounds and versatile chordal voicings. Reverse, straight-line string path with Steinberger gearless tuners. Is that a slide in your pocket? view specs

The Astral Slide takes flight! Throw it in a bag and fly to a gig in Greenland or Croatia! Breaks down in seconds and fits in a small bag for carry-on. Same great tone and versatility as a full on Astral Slide in a simple, compact design. view specs

Custom four polepiece P-90 at the bridge. From Klezmer to Costello. Moon River anyone? view specs

Your dream can become a reality! I am glad to build a guitar to your specifications. Click here to view customs I've built.


















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