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"Not only do Steve Novelli's guitars play and sound like a dream, they look good on you. Steve's an artist."
    - Rodney Crowell

"Simplicity and elegance are what makes the Black Hole a great electric guitar. From the hand carved hollow body to the gorgeous maple top to the Fralin P90s to the comfortable neck, Steve Novelli has crafted a masterpiece that not only turns heads onstage but pleases everyone's ears in the studio, too. Steve really has built a guitar that sits somewhere between the best Les Pauls and the coolest Gretsch guitars. With a vibe all its own. Bravo, Mr Novelli!" - Will Kimbrough
      Will playing the Novelli Black Hole guitar  part 1  part 2
      Performing at Bayfest 2011  part 1  part 2

Aimee Bobruk
      Aimee playing "A Day in the Life" on her AB-OO  video
"I'm amazed at how perfectly the Novelli meets my needs. For a vintage freak, that's saying something. I have a '54 Les Paul that's exceptional --and I love--and yet I can pick up the Novelli right afterward playing that Les Paul, and it feels right. Novelli (the luthier) is a genuine guitar intuitive. From few general conversations about guitars, he built an ax for me that expresses my needs better than I knew myself. I'm not into boutique guitars. Most are too concerned with perfection in the wrong way. To me its like obsessing on the finish of a hammer. Novelli understands the guitarist and gives him the right tool."
    - Jon Notarthomas
     (Ian McLagan, Craig Marshall, Aimee Bobruk, Colin Gilmore)

"The Black Hole is cool, very inspiring, has warm tones. I would recommend this guitar to anyone. The Vortex - that guitar says it all."

    - Olivier Scoazec (Buckwheat Zydeco)

Joe Novelli
      Joe playing the Novelli Astral Slide guitar  video
      With Sergio Mendoza Y La Orkestra (NPR feature)  video

"Most custom builders get the sound right and the feel wrong or the other way around, this Novelli sounds great and feels great too. A familiar yet unique sound, feel and look."
   - Charlie Richards
     (Photos by James Hertless)
"My Novelli Black Hole guitar is simply the BEST DAMN ELECTRIC GUITAR I HAVE EVER USED. It's the best playing, best feeling, best sounding guitar I've ever had and I use it on everything I do. The fretboard is very smooth, plays wonderfully and evenly, the neck just feels right in your hand, not too bulky, not too thin and best of all the guitar stays in tune when I use altered tunings like DADGAD (something my Strat won't do no matter how we set it up). If anyone ever sees me playing another electric guitar it would only be because I was afraid to travel with it and check it overseas with the airlines. Otherwise, you can pry it from my cold dead hands, but not until then."
   - Ed Pettersen

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